Experience is a lot like magic. With it you can make things happen that, otherwise, would seem impossible. As a designer, I find this especially true when it comes to reviewing construction drawings and analyzing project spending. Somewhere along the timeline of my 30 year design career, I began to develop a "second sight," something akin to a heightened intuition that allowed me to see things that went undetected and unnoticed by others.

This "designer-site," as I sometimes call it, allows me to quickly spot problematic areas when reviewing a set of plans. Sometimes it's something subtle, such as the focal point from the perspective of an occupant or, perhaps, a slight discrepancy in the scale of furniture and accessories. Other problems jump off the page, overtly, like a poorly located rest room, corridors and doorways that are too narrow, or even just plain old  wasted/dead space.

My "designer site" is just as keen when it comes to reviewing project budgets and spending. Over the years I have grown accustomed to the costs of materials and labor associated with hundreds of projects in different industries. If a customer is being overcharged or paying for something superfluous, you can be rest assured that my "designer site" will catch it.

Whether it's reviewing contract documents or spending budgets, the real magic lies in my ability to take the gleam in an entrepreneur's eye and turn it into a tangible business enterprise, prepared for take-off.

Everything inspires me; sometimes I think I see things other don't. -- Norman Foster

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