The FF&E phase of a design project is one of the most  important steps in the realization of concept to completion. As a certified Interior Designer, I work closely with my clients by:

Selecting the types and quality of furniture, furnishings, and equipment that relate to the design concept for the 

Preparing Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment Budges for review by the Tenant

Preparing documents and specifications, setting forth in detail the requirements for the procurement, shipment, delivery, and installation of FF&E

Assisting the client in coordinating the schedules for the delivery and installation of the furnishings relating to the project schedule


Reviewing the final placement of furniture, furnishings, and equipment for damage, quality, assembly, and function in order to determine that all items are installed in accordance with the Contract Documents

I am an authorized dealer for hundreds of contract furniture lines that are conducive to different budgets and styles. Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, modern or minimalistic, there is style that matches your vision.

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"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." -- Coco Chanel

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