While I do enjoy stargazing and reading about the cosmos, my certification and title of "Space Planner" confines me to the personal space we all share every day, places like office lobbies, waiting rooms, and conference facilities.For many, these kinds of spaces are mundane and boring. For me, however, their importance is nothing less than galactic.


Seriously, everyone places a high value on their so-called "personal space" and is quick to defend it. We see this manifested in extreme cases like road rage. But it can also take less overt forms, especially in expressions like "I'm going to jump into that person's world," or "I really need my space right now." 


As a certified Space Planner, my job is to help clients navigate the psychological and occupational requirements of space. In doing so, I provide them with a plan that maximizes area use and ensures the customer they are not spending money on wasted space. To accomplish this, I rely on a wealth of experience, including the application of strategic practices such as:


  • Meeting with the client to ascertain existing and projected personnel

  • Program assessment of each occupant's space requirements

  • Developing proxemic relationship and adjacency diagrams


In my profession, Space Planning is, by far, the one thing I enjoy doing most . . . that and gazing up at the stars on cloudless nights.

"If the plan doesn't work, change the plan not the goal." -- Unknown

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