Whenever I am asked to do space planning or corporate layouts for multi-tenant environments, I am often required to provide the client with an "as-built" plan of the existing spaces, both vacant and occupied. This involves, among other things:

  • Calculating the square footage

  • Locating fire partitions and perimeter walls

  • Discerning "tenant occupied" vs. "common" areas

The by-product of this endeavor is a "stacking" CAD diagram of the entire building, floor upon floor, including all tenant spaces and common areas. In terms of collateral materials, a stacking diagram reflects professionalism and organization. Each tenant space is color-coded and all details are clearly labeled with accurate assessments of the useable and leasable space, following BOMA standards.

In the hands of a building manager or commercial realtor, a stacking diagram is a powerful tool for marketing the building, evaluating tenancy, or deciding lease amounts.

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